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We Deliver Branded Umbrellas Worldwide
Meet The Team
Audrey Tao
Operations Assistant

Audrey is our operations wizard. With an eye for detail and a talent for organisation, she keeps everything running smoothly. Her problem-solving skills and dedication to efficiency make her an essential part of our team. Audrey’s collaborative nature and excellent communication make her the go-to person for help and guidance. When she’s not optimising operations, she’s out hiking and capturing the world’s beauty through her camera lens.

Jordan Harry
Sales Director

Meet Jordan, our Sales Director extraordinaire. With a proven track record of driving revenue and a knack for inspiring teams, Jordan is the driving force behind our sales success. Their strategic vision and communication prowess make them a true leader. Beyond work, Jordan champions work-life balance, ensuring our team’s well-being. Jordan’s leadership is our path to continued success.

Kristian Harris
Marketing Director

Kristian, our Marketing Director and co-owner, is the creative mind driving our brand’s success. Their innovative strategies and commitment to our values elevate our marketing efforts. Kristian’s collaborative spirit and open communication style empower our team. Beyond work, they champion work-life balance and personal growth. Kristian’s leadership is the key to our bright future.

Keenan Garvey
Operations Director

Keenan, our Operations Director and co-owner, is the driving force behind our success. Their strategic vision and operational expertise have streamlined our processes and propelled us to new heights. Keenan’s commitment to our mission and their collaborative spirit make them an invaluable leader. Beyond the office, Keenan’s adventurous nature fuels their innovative thinking. With Keenan at the helm, we’re charting a course for continued success.

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