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We Deliver Branded Umbrellas Worldwide
Step 1
Fabric Cutting

Fabric cutting initiates the umbrella manufacturing process, involving precision cutting of selected materials into individual panels as per design specifications. It lays the foundation for subsequent steps ensuring uniformity and quality.

Step 2
Sealing The Fabric Edge

After cutting, the edges of the fabric panels are sealed to prevent fraying and enhance durability. This process involves applying heat or adhesive to the edges, ensuring a clean finish and prolonging the lifespan of the umbrella.

Step 3
Cutting Fabric Into Canopy Shape

Following edge sealing, the fabric panels are cut into the desired canopy shape, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all panels. This step prepares the fabric for printing and assembly.

Step 4

Custom designs, logos, or patterns are printed onto the fabric canopy using specialized printing techniques. Printing adds aesthetic appeal and branding elements to the umbrella, enhancing its visual appeal and marketability.

Step 5
Sewing The Fabric

Various fabric components including the canopy, tie wrap, sleeve, top fabric, and inside top fabric are sewn together meticulously. This step demands skilled craftsmanship to ensure proper alignment, stitching, and reinforcement of seams for structural integrity.

Step 6
Attach All The Parts

Components such as buttons, tips, and straps are attached to the umbrella frame. This step involves precise assembly to ensure functionality and durability of the umbrella.

Step 7
Sew Canopy To The Frame

The sewn canopy is carefully attached to the umbrella frame, ensuring proper tension and alignment. This step involves meticulous attention to detail to achieve a snug fit and smooth operation.

Step 8
Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process, rigorous quality control measures are implemented to inspect materials, components, and assembly stages. Any deviations from quality standards are identified and rectified promptly to maintain product excellence.

Step 9
Attach Handles & Tops

Handles and tops are affixed to the umbrella, undergoing a secondary quality control check to ensure proper attachment and functionality. This additional inspection ensures that all components meet quality standards before proceeding to the final stage.

Step 10
Quality Control

In the final stage, each umbrella undergoes a comprehensive quality assessment to verify overall construction, appearance, and functionality. Approved umbrellas are meticulously packed to protect against damage during transit and storage, ready for distribution to customers.

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